Building my Own Bug Out Bag – The Programmer Way

I’m going to go over my bug out bag today. So as you can see, it’s not too big. This is something I keep in my car. I do have one for my truck. It is much bigger. But I’m going to go over the contents of this thing real quick. Let’s just talk about the outside real quick. I’ve got a TOPS knife here on the outside. It’s a much smaller one than I designed, but nonetheless it’s a good knife. Got a sharpener inside here, as well as a flint starter and a small sharpening stone. Got a snap link on the outside for attaching anything I may find. Of course the water blivet inside of the backpack that you can fill up with water and then on this side, this is a tourniquet that you can get to very, very quickly. And you don’t want something like this on the inside of your rucksack because heaven forbid if you need it, you’re going to need to get to it pretty quick. The pack I am using is 5.11 Rush 12. I purchased it quickly from Amazon after reading this 5.11 Rush 12 review.

rush 12

And lastly, I’ve got a set of flex cuffs on the outside and those speak for themselves. So anyway, let’s… Let’s just go through these pockets real quick and take a look and see what we have here. All right. So on this pocket here… What I have here is just some basic food items. I’ve got some turkey and some salmon. I’ve got three bottles of this New Whey protein drink. It’s got 42 grams of protein. I’ve got some powder that will help hydrate you if you find water. I have two PowerBars. And I also have a waterproof notebook and a pen. Inside this… And these things are great if you can get them out of an airplane, if you travel first class. These are great for just carrying different items.

And this is my first aid kit. And I’ve got everything from Azithromycin to Imodium to basically… stuff for my stomach. I’m not going to be carrying a lot of Band-Aids and stuff. Quite frankly, my weak point is my stomach, so anything for diarrhea. I’ve got some iodine. I’ve got some Neosporin, some ChapStick and… and stuff like that because the last thing you want to do is start getting dehydrated from diarrhea or vomiting and get into a worse situation. So that’s my… my first aid stuff. Band-Aids are great, but they’re not going to save your life. All right. So that’s in that pouch. The next pouch above that I have a bunch of items and I’ll take them out and I’ll set them here in front of you. I’ve got a multi tool. I’ve got a little keychain that’s got a whistle, signal mirror, a red light signal light, an infrared light and a thermometer, of course a survival bracelet, a little hacksaw, a lighter — I don’t need to rub sticks together — a 5-Hour Energy drink, a Lansky sharpener for my knife, a good quality Benchmade folder and lastly, a good flashlight — Surefire light — you can’t beat it with a stick. All right. This article pertains only to bug out bag, you can also build a get home bag if you are away from your home most of the time.

So we’ll go into this compartment here. We’ve got some various items here. First off, a pair of gloves. These are slightly used, but a really good pair of Oakley assault gloves. I’ve got the pair of mini binoculars for obvious reasons. And I’ve got a flask right here.

oakley assault gloves

There’s nothing in it right now and what I’m considering putting in here is bleach because you can use bleach to disinfect water, but it’s a really high quality flask and that’s going to have some bleach in it. I’ve got another pair of lightweight gloves, another pair of flex… two pairs of flex cuffs. I’ve got an Etrex Vista GPS. I’ve got Iodie-green bungee cords because underneath that I’ve got a poncho that I can make a poncho hooch with. And last but not least, I’ve got two walkabout radios and I have… I make sure that the batteries are fully charged. And of course, if this is sitting in a vehicle or something, you need to make sure your batteries are up to snuff. And I also have a packet of hand warmers. Okay? And in the main compartment… I have a bottle that you can boil water in and a watch, a pair of bolt cutters just in case I have to gain entry to a place that I need to gain entry to. I’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six chemlights. I have green, red and blue. I’ve got a space blanket. And this actually… This… this space blanket I got from Romania. It’s a really heavy-duty one too. It’s not a small one. This thing’s a mac daddy space blanket. This is a really cool item. Some folks sent me some warming vests. It’s basically like a giant hand warmer, but you put it on your entire body and it’ll warm your body for eight hours. So if you’re close to hypothermia, this thing is bomber.

Some Wet Ones for sanitation, going to the bathroom. This is a giant tarp. It’s not real big. It’s a… eight… eight foot by eight foot for on the ground and some Gorilla tape, in case you tear a hole in it. And lastly, a mini bivvy bag. And, you know, this isn’t going to keep a whole lot of cold off you and obviously if it’s zero degrees, you’re going to freeze, but just basic… basic warmth, something that at 30 degrees, 40 degrees will keep you warm. And… and lastly, this bag is a bag that I designed and I’m going to be making more of them, so… That’s basically it.

How Android RAM works and why Task Killers are harmful

Just kill your smartphone! Indeed, there is much, much, too much misinformation about the Android RAM, the Android Booster Task Killer and RAM; if you read on some forums (and maybe on some website run by some smart ass) that Android Booster Task Killer can increase the performance of your mobile by simply removing the RAM, you have fallen completely wrong! Do not worry, I will explain why, and at the same time I will give you some helpful tips to keep your smartphone in health without resorting to any RAM Booster.

How Android manages its RAM

First, before going to talk about Android Task Killer and their harmfulness, I need to frame clearly and precisely what actually RAM memory is, without going into detail and get lost in a futile overly specific language.

RAM is primarily an English acronym for Random Access Memory, and is to indicate a particular type of memory, incredibly fast, but that at the same time vanishes as soon as the smartphone (in the case of Android specific) is turned off. Basically, the RAM memory facilitates the management of files and temporary data which vary in size and substance very quickly, and that are very frequently used by the devices on which the RAM is mounted.

This type of memory, present in both Windows and Android, is handled quite differently by the two operating systems. Windows in fact the RAM memory is required on the computer to allow programs to run without problems or interruptions; When the RAM becomes scarce, the Microsoft operating system begins to use the free space on the hard drive as virtual RAM, but it is terribly slow and erratic than the real one.

On Android the process is very different.

In fact, Android has its own mechanisms that allow it to give the application the right amount of RAM required for it to work, but without waste; RAM is fast, by definition, and Android always tries to keep all the apps active within it. Those most frequently used, instead of course be closed by the operating system, they are kept active in the background, so they can be retrieved as soon as the user will realize without having to overload the RAM.

Why Android Task Killers are harmful

After this initial introduction, your judgment about Android Task Killer could be somewhat neutral: do not help your phone to get ten times the performance, but somehow it could be useful? Unfortunately no, and not only they are detrimental to the smartphone. Let’s see why.

1. During the process of increasing the RAM, Windows Memory applies a hard drive defragmentation process to gain more speed in process management, and this is certainly a good thing.

Android, however, is bad: the Google operating system uses it as a storage memory SD and microSD rather than a traditional hard drive; SD cards are special types of flash memory that do not need to be defragmented; rather. One of the main defects of the flash memories is represented by the limited number of times that a data quantity can be registered within the storage memory before it starts to show signs of aging; once defragmented, life expectancy (if it can be called) of an SD card is reduced.

2. Second, the Task Killer Android ensure free up RAM memory occupied by applications, and because they work in the background, is due to the fact that have been used frequently in the day, they went to occupy it; but Android, that needs to manage the RAM in order to run, it will only re-fill the RAM once to these applications. And it is certainly a slower process that to maintain the RAM in the expert hands of the operating system.

3. Finally, keeping active a Android Task Killer or an Android Booster that continually go in search of RAM to be released, do not forget that, being also an application, will occupy RAM in turn, with heavy repercussions on battery and the fluidity of the system.

Some sage advice on how to increase the performance of your smartphone

Of course I can not let you go without provide some alternatives to the Task Killer ;). In fact, if you try to increase the performance of your device, it will certainly not be through these applications will succeed, but thanks to a few, small steps.

Uninstall heavy apps : It is possible that you have many applications installed in your smartphone that can illegally occupy your RAM above the permitted levels and decrease the CPU performance. With Watchdog Task Manager you can keep an eye on the level of RAM occupied by the app and identify those to be discarded.

Always use lighter apps : You must install a torch for more than 15MB of memory? Of course not: Regarding apps you use most frequently, always remember to choose the lightest and on good terms with the management of energy consumption.

Turn off the sensors when they are not necessary : Switching on Wifi and Bluetooth, GPS constantly does not serve to anything but to decrease the power level of your device. Learn how to turn them off after each use.

Install a ROM : As I said already , install a different ROM from proprietary smartphone helps to greatly increase their capacity and performance, but beware; performed rooting only when you’re sure to be able to do so, after performing a nice backup and especially following the expiry of the warranty!