Is Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10 Useful?

Before writing what the purpose of the jailbreak process is, what are its advantages and disadvantages, I would like to briefly explain why I did it. As you follow, I like to about it from time to time. New jailbreak tools are coming kep coming for newer firmware. From what I can see from the entire jailbreak community, most users jailbreak iOS 10 firmware only to download paid apps for free from AppSync Unified.

yalu jailbreak ios 10

What is Yalu Jailbreak?

As you know Apple is tightening the security of its firmware every year. Each iOS firmware version has a much more secure kernel that its predecessors.

Apple has developed an operating system that can be used by every level user easily. But in order to keep it secure, Apple “closes” the operating system and doesn’t grant administrator privileges to the user.

That’s why the process of “freeing” iOS and providing administrator level access is called “Jailbreak”.

So basically we can say that jailbreak is a method used to provide “root” access to the operating system.

Yalu Jailbreak breaks the security of iOS 10 at kernel level. You can then install unofficial Cydia tweaks and even install unisgned .ipa files. If you are interested in jailbreaking iOS 10 firmware, download Yalu Jailbreak.

Is Yalu Jailbreak promoting Piracy?

First of all, let’s reply to the question of whether jailbreak is prepared to install free applications for free. No, because jailbreak is not a solution for pirating paid applications.

Instaollus, iPASTORE, AppAddict, Zeusmos applications are used for piracy but that is at the sole discretion of the end user.

Jailbreak developers are not responsible for pirated software. Jailbreaking is completely legal. A lot of developers who develop jailbreak tools are against piracy and express this at every opportunity possible.

So go ahead and jailbreak your iOS device using Yalu. You will like it as there are countless tweaks and apps to improve your iOS device in every way imaginable.